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Swapster is a safe
wallet and a crypto exchange
in an easy-to-use Telegram bot

Zero fees
for all transactions

We do not charge fees for transfers to other Swapster users. You can send any cryptocurrency to a friend in a second just with one click. All you need is to know their ID.

Fast payouts on the cards

Exchange cryptocurrency without exchanges and exchangers inside Swapster, and send RUB, EUR, and KZT to bank cards.

Earn 30% on your friends’ trades

Share your referral link with friends and earn on their transactions. You will instantly receive 30% of your friend’s trading profit from each swap made by them.

Why Swapster

Automatic fiat payouts on bank cards in RUB, EUR, KZT

There is no need for a long wait for the card payout — unlike exchanges and exchangers, Swapster payments are credited instantly. You can save the cards in use and refer to them any time. All Russian, European, and Kazakhstan bank cards are supported.

Profitable cryptocurrency exchange without any additional fees

A transparent exchange of all coins on your account is always available to you. Swapster fixes the rate for 5 seconds and automatically updates it in real time so you always know how much you will give and receive.

Total USDT and USDC balance for any available

Send USDT and USDC using TRC20, ERC20, and BEP20 from one overall balance. If you got the TRC20 transaction, you are able to send the received tokens using ERC20. You don’t have to transfer tokens between accounts and pay for it.

Gas fee is included
in the Swapster commission

It’s not necessary to buy TRX, BNB, and ETH to send USDT. We have took into account all the gas you might need, so any Swapster transactions occur fast.

24/7 customer support

Our team of specialists is available 24/7. Contact us if there is any problem, for any consultation or just to have a chat.

Built-in AML verification of transactions
and wallets

You can check the origin of the cryptocurrency in advance. Some funds may be associated with suspicious activities but Swapster will take care of your safety.

Calculate the benefit
and start earning

You give
You get


What can this bot do?

Swapster is a cryptocurrency bot with storage and exchange functions. You can accept, send, convert, and exchange cryptocurrency for fiat currencies with RUB, EUR, and KZT withdrawal to your bank cards.

Why is Swapster better than an exchange?

It’s a Telegram bot so you do not need to install additional apps and register on them. Also, in the P2P section of CEX, an inexperienced user can fall for scams, buy stolen cryptocurrency, or not receive their transfer at all. Swapster prevents you from such situations.

How can I make money with Swapster?

In addition to cryptocurrency trading, you can invite friends to join Swapster with your referral link. When a friend swaps coins, you get 30% of their transaction profit.

How can I exchange cryptocurrency for fiat?

There are crypto balance and fiat balance in your account. Your fiat balance can be replenished by selling and getting the crypto from your friends. You are also able to withdrawal cryptocurrency to the card without fiat balance replenishment. The payments are automatic and processed in 15 minutes.

Which cryptocurrencies are available in the bot?

At the moment, the following wallets for the most popular tokens are available to you: BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, BUSD, BNB, TRX, TON. The list is constantly updated.

How can I fund my crypto account?

Click on «Deposit» in the main menu and select the currency you need. The bot will give you an address. You can also generate a wallet QR code. Provide the address or the QR code to the sender and wait for the confirmation of the transaction.

How can I send cryptocurrency to another person?

Click on «Withdraw» in the menu, select a cryptocurrency and a network you need and enter the recipient's wallet address. By the way, Swapster does not charge network fees for cryptocurrency transfers from one swapster wallet to another.

How long does it take to process transactions?

Maximum gas fee is included into every Swapster transaction, so our transaction processing is fast. It takes USDT ~1 minute, BTC and ETH ~10 minutes.

Can I deposit USDT via TRC20 and withdraw it via ERC20?

Swapster has one overall balance for USDT. This means you can receive USDT via any available network, and then send it via the same or another network as well. We also have a common pool for USDC.

A transaction has not been confirmed for a long time. What should I do?

Swapster transactions are usually processed immediately but sometimes the network can be congested. Our support can help you check the status of the operation 24/7: @SwapsterSupport

Why do I need a paid AML-check?

AML verification helps find out the origin of the cryptocurrency in advance. For example, some funds can be associated with suspicious activities — extortion or deception. Possession of such cryptocurrencies can lead to criminal liability.

Still have some questions?
Contact us for 24/7 support @SwapsterSupport

Get started with Swapster
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wallets in 1 click

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